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Holmedale Pre School Limited 

Our Aims

Our aim is to ensure that every child in our setting reaches their full potential.  We are committed to providing an excellent play-based educational programme, through which all individual children will enjoy and achieve.  Through continual observations and assessments, we are able to plan to support every child's individual needs and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.  Parents are asked to contribute to their child's assessments and are kept informed of their child's progress in the setting.  We hope to promote strong links and partnerships with parents and carers, and greatly value their opinions and contributions.


The welfare of children within our Pre-school

We are committed to ensuring that all children in our care are kept safe and secure.  We promote good health and well being for all - ensuring that children have an understanding of healthy eating and opportunities for outside activities every day.


Please see our 'POLICIES' section for information on how we meet the welfare standards set by the EYFS. 

Learning Environment

Within our Pre-school, all children are supported and encouraged to develop their full potential at their own pace.  Through the provision of appropriate play activities, and a high level of individual adult support, we offer a curriculum which enables all children to progress with confidence towards specific learning outcomes.  Within our Pre-school, we provide a broad range of opportunities and activities which link with the 7 areas of learning identified within the Early Years Foundation Stage.  These are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development.
  • Communication and Language development. 
  • Physical Development.
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design.


We support the four key principals of the EYFS, which are:


1. A unique child

2. Positive relationships

3. Enabling environments

4. Learning and Development

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